What is: Brownie Framework

What is Brownie Framework?

Brownie is a popular Python ETH framework for smart contract development and testing. It supports Solidity and Vyper and has integrations with various software and, owing to this, makes the smart contract development process simpler and more convenient.

Brownie Features

Brownie’s main features include:

  • Solidity and Vyper support
  • Ability to test smart contract using pytest
  • Property-based and stateful testing
  • Debugging tools
  • Built-in console
  • ethPM packages support

Brownie networks activities

Brownie can be used with development environment (temporary local networks) as well as with live environment (non-local blockchains, mainnet & testnets).

Brownie networks list

Development environment is used for testing and debugging smart contracts. For the dev environment Brownie uses Ganache.

Brownie use cases

  • Deployment: Brownie provides an opportunity to ease and automate parts of deployment process
  • Interaction: Brownie provides smart contracts interaction opportunities with (mainnet or local environment).
  • Debugging: Brownie provides helpful info about mistakes such as transactions revert, so developers can fix issues quickly.
  • Testing: Developers can write Python-based unit tests and evaluate stack trace analysis based test coverage.
Brownie use cases

Using Brownie for the security analysis

Brownie has a useful integration with the MythX analysis API. MythX is a security tool for smart contracts. It provides automated vulnerability scanning.

MythX main opportunities:

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Symbolic execution.


To put it short, Brownie can be surely called a handy framework for Python developers in the blockchain industry, having lots of necessary opportunities and helping in smart contract development. This framework is simple to use and, on the other hand, contains a wide range of tools, which the developer may need.

SmartState: New generation of smart contract audit

About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and located in Dubai, SmartState is retaining the place of one of the leading DeFi security auditing companies. We carry out tests of security of the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for all types of errors or vulnerabilities.

We specialize in manual testing, so the SmartState’s tech team of white-hat security professionals carefully measures up a project’s git and supports clients with guidelines and recommendations for the further advancement.

Our security audit reports review the threats and vulnerabilities with which codebases may be exploited in the future, because the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionality.

Stay tuned and find more about us and what we provide on our:



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SmartState is an independent audit company for DLT projects. It performs smart contract audit and security reviews and provides reco for improvements.