SmartState smart contract audit digest ’22 pt.2

SmartState Smart contract audit digest ’22 pt.2

There are several good projects for which we conducted smart contracts audits so far this year, and in this digest we want to cover a number of them.

Our methodology

We have conducted the projects audits with paying close attention to the platform architecture, code structure, including the following:

  • Best code practices
  • ERC20/BEP20 compliance
  • Logical bugs
  • Private data leaks
  • DOS (General Denial of Service)
  • Hidden malicious code
  • Authorization issues
  • Weak PRNG
  • Function visibility

and other issues.

Safle smart contract audit

Safle is an innovative digital identity wallet and a composite blockchain provider, which is completely self sovereign and portable to different blockchains. It provides users with comfort in discovery, transactions and networking.

We audited a number of project’s smart contracts and found no vulnerabilities.

Safle smart contract audit report

Read Safle smart contract audit report here:

VLaunch smart contract audit

VLaunch is defined as the first fully influencer backed Launchpad which provides projects with massive global exposure and backed by some most brilliant minds. It offers fairness and transparency through multiple blockchain support. It possesses great access to upcoming projects and chooses only top-of-the-line ones, which stand up to the highest standard.

We carried out a number of tests and discovered no vulnerabilities.

Read VLaunch smart contract audit report here:

Xenum smart contract audit

Xenum is a multi-chain ecosystem which allows developers to deploy their game or NFTs on multiple blockchains simultaneously, at the same time providing tools to manage their collections or community. It also allows to mint, send or trade assets across blockchains, at the same time offering a comfortable and friendly interface

We tested several smart contracts and found no vulnerabilities. The code was also held to a high standard.

Xenum smart contract audit report

Read Xenum smart contract audit report here:

Arenum smart contract audit

Arenum is a developed gaming platform aimed at full integration with crypto-based mechanics and blockchain technology. Thus, players can earn either fiat currency, or liquid assets with real-world value. Unlike many other gaming play-to-earn platforms, this project offers both PvP and PvE engines and a comfortable mobile version.

We conducted an audit and discovered some issues. We offered a list of recommendations on how to resolve the issues.

Arenum smart contract audit report

Read full Arenum smart contract audit report here:

Cryowar smart contract audit

Cryowar is a next-generation real-time multiplayer game based on Unreal Engine. It is a PvP arena-type platform which combines a traditional gameplay with advanced blockchain practices, including DAO voting, NFT and DeFi.

We carried out a series of tests and detected no vulnerabilities. The code was also well-written.

Cryowar smart contract audit report

Read Cryowar smart contract audit report here:

Find all our reports here:

About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and based in Dubai, SmartState is one of the leading DeFi security auditing firms. We validate smart contract and blockchain security for any type of vulnerabilities.

The services we provide go beyond the classic practice of auditing smart contracts in the DLT project. SmartState specializes on manual testing, so our team of white-hat security professionals assesses a project’s git in detail and provides guidelines for its further advancement.We also check projects for threats and vulnerabilities which may appear in the future, as the network achieves scalability and accommodate more functionality and use cases.

Stay tuned and find more about us and what we provide on our:



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SmartState is an independent audit company for DLT projects. It performs smart contract audit and security reviews and provides reco for improvements.