SmartState audits Booster Pool
3 min readAug 25, 2022
Smart contract audit of the Booster Pool project by SmartState

About the Project

Booster Pool is a liquidity booster that focuses on liquidity management on UniswapV3 for its users. It helps to increase the efficiency of their funds usage because it can automatically adjust its range orders according to the price movement, which is one of the key points. To bring its users even more profits, Booster Pool has introduced automatic reinvestment of commissions, so gas transactions are done through direct interaction without involving side contracts. In this way, users’ funds and assets are avoided from any breach through verified smart contracts.

Booster Pool is audited by SmartState

The security of any asset and liquidity feature is always a major concern for asset holders and users looking for the best, most convenient and secure transaction terms. Booster Pool approached SmartState about auditing their smart contracts for possible vulnerabilities that could harm the system and its users.

We conducted manual code testing and a series of automated tests, paying attention to best practices to identify various problems, including:

- Use of components with known vulnerabilities

- Logical bugs

- Leaks of private data

- Blocked airwaves

- Hidden malicious code

- DOS (general denial of service)

- Hidden malware

- Code without consequences

and other items that can cause damage and possible bugs or crashes.

As a result of the audit, we did not find any vulnerabilities in the BOOSTERPOOL.SOL smart contract. The code is well-written and meets high standards. So our rating is 10/10.

You can view the entire smart contract audit report here:

We are happy to announce that the audit was conducted on time, and the Booster Pool project team is completely satisfied with our work.

You can see all of our audit reports here:

About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and based in Dubai, SmartState maintains its reputation as one of DeFi’s leading security audit teams. We audit the security of core code, smart contracts, and blockchain for all types of vulnerabilities.

Although SmartState started with auditing smart contracts of DLT projects, we made sure from the beginning that our services go beyond the classic notion of smart contracts and security auditing. Our specialty is manual testing, so SmartState’s technical team, made up of security professionals, evaluates a project’s git in detail and makes recommendations for its further development. Security audit reports address issues and vulnerabilities to which codebases may be exposed in the future as the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionality.

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