Smart State Advices Relictum Pro

  • Blockchain architecture;
  • Consensus;
  • Smart-contracts system;
  • Cross-chain interoperability;
  • User-friendly orientation — they are the most understandable and convenient for people, both for beginners and professionals.

Smart State advices Relictum Pro on next steps forward

Smart State’s Recommendations for Relictum Pro

  • Creation of a dynamic commission structure;
  • Introducing the functionality of custom smart contracts with a clear and transparent way to add them;
  • Creation of a public repository and knowledge bases;
  • Social media marketing — primarily marketing in developer communities;
  • Creation of a connection with other chains to simplify the scenarios for buying a coin and its circulation in various markets;
  • Simplify purchases by launching wrapped coins on Ethereum and Binance;
  • Listing it on good exchanges, but only after creating a link between the wrapped coin and the platform token (coin).

Parting thoughts

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