Smart contract audit of the Kamino Finance project by SmartState
3 min readAug 30, 2022


Smart contract security audit of the Kamino Finance by SmartState

Kamino Finance is a project incubated by Hubble Protocol, which uses advanced, innovative market making strategies and leverage with USDH to take capital efficiency to the highest level. It strives to make it possible for the users and business allies to receive the highest possible yield from the exchange liquidity, which is in high demand nowadays in the expanding crypto world. The project focuses on building and managing corporate structures, both local and offshore, and offers support in creating international accounts, providing a line credit and foreign currency services. Doing all that, it allows startup creators to focus on their goals without wasting time on technical obstacles.

SmartState audits Kamino Finance

Kamino Finance addressed SmartState for an audit of quite a lot of smart contracts. We have carried out numerous tests of smart contracts and the platform architecture, analyzing it for best code practices and contract structure, searching for various possible issues, including:

- ERC20/BEP20 compliance

- Logical bugs

- Private data leaks

- Unchecked call return method

- Using components with known vulnerabilities

- DOS (General Denial of Service)

- Hidden malicious code

- Code with no effects

- Authorization issues

and other issues, which can lead to possible failures or security leaks.

We have thoroughly checked a long list of Kamino smart contracts and are glad to submit that we have detected no vulnerabilities.

Based on the audit results, we are happy to rate the project as a 10/10.

For more information see the full report:

We are glad to announce that the audit was submitted in time, and the Kamino Finance project team is totally satisfied with our work.

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About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and located in Dubai, SmartState is retaining the place of one of the leading DeFi security auditing companies. We carry out tests of security of the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for all types of errors or vulnerabilities.

Although SmartState triggered the operations with smart contract auditing of DLT-projects, from the outset we made our services go beyond the classic edges of understanding the smart contract audit and security check. We specialize in manual testing, so the SmartState’s tech team of white-hat security professionals thoroughly measures up a project’s git and supports clients with guidelines and recommendations for its further advancement. Security audit reports review the threats and vulnerabilities with which codebases may be exploited in the future, as the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionality.

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