SafeHamsters Burrows through Smart State Security Audit with Victory!
3 min readJul 1, 2021

Congratulations, SafeHamsters, for successfully making it through Smart State Security Audit!

We are so pleased to announce to our community that SafeHamsters has checked all the boxes in our security audit. SafeHamsters reached out to us to validate the quality, security, and accuracy of their smart contract.

The major objective was to detect and eliminate the vulnerabilities and establish the reliability of the smart contract.

Let’s take a look at what followed.

SafeHamsters Smart State Security Audit: Key Highlights

Right from the beginning, we were certain that our audit would cover all aspects of the code delivery process, business processes, and the working of the project as a whole. We created a customized audit plan to meet the specific requirements of the SafeHamsters protocol and examined the project to sieve out hidden flaws and loopholes if any.

We conducted a plethora of tests including verification of the best code practices, ERC20/BEP20 compliance, unchecked call return methods, codes with no effects, function visibility, use of deprecated functions, authorization issues, arithmetic over/under flows, and pool asset security.

The audit report revealed that the codes were well written in a coherent style with no logical bugs, private data leaks, authorization issues, or arithmetic over/under flows. The smart contract has addressed all aspects of security keeping in line with international standards and adheres to base code practices and ERC 20 & BEP 20 specifications.

We can very well conclude that SafeHamsters smart contract is robust in both technological and tokenomics aspects.

You can find the full report here — [link]

Note: The validity of the audit report is limited to the competence of coding standards and optimizations followed.

What is SafeHamsters?

SafeHamsters is a fun-rich blockchain platform built on Binance Smart Chain — a promising project in the NFT space that facilitates a unique ecosystem where users can earn, learn, play and immerse themselves to leverage its full potential. It hosts an NFT based system with advanced farming pools, staking pools, and algorithms. The platform offers a gamified experience to users while empowering them to earn money through fun.

Wrapping Up

The resilience of smart contracts plays an integral role in the success of DeFi projects. The fragmented incidents of scams, frauds, and failure that pop up from time to time in the DeFi space can be mostly attributed to the lack of competence of smart contracts. Hidden flaws and loopholes in smart contracts have the potential to lock you out of your assets. This is where smart contract audits can give a hand.

As in the case of SafeHamsters, a full-fledged smart contract audit will help you establish the robustness of your project and inspire confidence in your users. Get in touch with us to have your smart contract audited!

About Smart State

Launched in 2019, Smart State is a leading DeFi security auditing firm based in Dubai. The team validates the security of the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for logical and business process vulnerabilities.

Although Smart State kickstarted operations with smart contract auditing of DLT-projects, from the very beginning, they made sure that their services went beyond the classic purview of smart contract audit and security review. Smart State security audit assesses a project’s git in detail and provides guidelines for its further advancement. The security audit reports delve into the threats and vulnerabilities the codebases might be prone to in the future as the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionalities.

For more information on what Smart State is and its world class services, visit our website —

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