NFT platform gets audited by SmartState.
2 min readNov 19, 2021

Smart State recently performed the security audit of, an NFT platform. is an NFT platform and marketplace where the focus is primarily on high-quality, limited collections of physical and digital art/collectibles that will be carefully vetted by team initially. The platform aims to become a DAO and all future decisions will be made by the community including which art to auction.

Scope of work approached SmartState for a security audit. Our mandate was to perform a comprehensive audit to find a variety of issues and compliances like whether best code practices were adhered to, or compliance to ERC20/BEP20 was maintained. We also looked for logical bugs, general Denial of Service(DoS) issues, private data leaks, vulnerabilities, hidden malicious code and other issues that may threaten the integrity and security of the platform.

After careful testing of smart contract codes, we were able to find minor issues, while not being able to detect any major vulnerabilities. We submitted the audit report with a list of changes to be made. The team made the changes and had a couple of rounds of discussions to help them implement the changes.

We are glad to announce that the entire audit went smoothly and the team was happy with the work that we did for them.

About Smart State

Launched in 2019, Smart State is a leading DeFi security auditing firm based in Dubai. The team validates the security of the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for logical and business process vulnerabilities.

Although Smart State kickstarted operations with smart contract auditing of DLT-projects, from the very beginning, they made sure that their services went beyond the classic purview of smart contract audit and security review. Smart State security audit assesses a project’s git in detail and provides guidelines for its further advancement. The security audit reports delve into the threats and vulnerabilities the codebases might be prone to in the future as the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionalities.



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