Framework: Truffle

Framework: what is Truffle

Truffle is a worldwide known development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains, which is aimed at making developers’ work easier and more comfortable. It can be applied to any blockchain based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Environmental specifications for running Truffle:

- NodeJS 5.0+

- Windows, Linux or Mac OS X

- Ethereum client with JSON RPC API support

Project configuration is stored in the ISO boot file ‘truffle-config.js’ and includes root settings for blockchain nodes and compiler data.

Truffle Suit

The Truffle Suite is a collection of tools created specifically for blockchain development based on Ethereum. This suite includes:

  • Truffle itself (for the development of smart contracts)
  • Ganache (which allows the user to set up their own Ethereum blockchain on the local network)
  • Drizzle (a tool for creating dApps for user interfaces by means of ready-to-service components)

To create a smart contract in Truffle the user first has to make a special project directory for storing the Solidity files. Then it is necessary to download Ganache from the Truffle website and install it to make the testing available on the local network.

Truffle Advantages

Truffle framework advantages

Truffle has a number of benefits and advantages which allow it to stand out from the crowd and facilitate the process of smart contract development. Among those are:

  • Automatic testing of smart contracts
  • Migration and deployment of smart contracts onto various blockchains
  • Integrated compilation and ability to operate smart contract binary files
  • Package operating by means of standard ERC190, provided by EthPM and NPM
  • A handy interactive console, allowing to work directly with the smart contract
  • Expandable environment for unrolling and launching of smart contracts. The control function of the network environment in this case is being set up without regard for the number of public and private networks
  • Relocated assembling pipeline with close integration support
  • External script support

Client for Development

The most recommended and widely used client for application development on Truffle is EthereumJS TestRPC (however, it is possible to use some other, such as Geth or WebThree). This powerful and excellent client creates a special unique blockchain which would exist on the appointed device, and supports automatic testing. The return comes about as soon as the transaction has passed, which enables the user to check the code immediately, discover possible failures and report them. Those and other advantages can reduce time spending by almost ninety per cent.

Truffle can be also applied to a private network, with a different configuration. Alternatively, the user can use the TestRPC client for the private network.

If the user prefers another client, all the features and advantages would be realized there, too, including mining, transactions, etc. truffle also needs no additional customization.


Creating smart contracts and their deployment on the blockchain with the help of the Truffle framework and its set of useful tools makes the process simpler, more effective and fun. Users can set it up on their local chain and appreciate the conveniences of the Ethereum testnets.

SmartState: blockchain security & smart contract audit company

About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and located in Dubai, SmartState is retaining the place of one of the leading DeFi security auditing companies. We carry out tests of security of the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for all types of errors or vulnerabilities.

We specialize in manual testing, so the SmartState’s tech team of white-hat security professionals carefully measures up a project’s git and supports clients with guidelines and recommendations for the further advancement.

Our security audit reports review the threats and vulnerabilities with which codebases may be exploited in the future, because the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionality.

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