Framework: Embark

Framework: what is Embark

Embark is a framework which allows the development and deployment of DApps. It integrates easily with EVM blockchains, Swarm and IPFS, as well as with decentralized communication platforms (Orbit, Whisper). It is fast, comfortable in use and quite powerful. It aims at making building decentralized applications easier and provides all the necessary tools for that. It can integrate with the majority of web technologies (React or Foundation, for instance) and is compatible with almost all pipelines and tools (including Grunt, Gulp or Webpack)

Embark also builds and deploys contracts coded in Solidity. They will be later available on the client side using EmbarkJS and Web3.js.

Three things are necessary to be installed prior to Embark: a node, an Ethereum client and an IPFS. After that Embark can be installed by means of the Node Package Manager.

Embark features

Embark has a number of helpful features, among which are:

  • Automatic smart contract deployment (it helps not only to deploy new smart contracts, but also to redeploy them if the user brings changes to the code)
  • Client deployment (special, ‘personal’ applications can be built by users directly within the framework. It also allows importing and deploying contracts, hosted on Swarm)
  • Testing (it helps to test applications and smart contracts via Web3)
  • Decentralized application distribution (It allows to integrate storages, such as IPFS, and distribute user’s applications in the network)
  • Peer-to-peer messaging (it allows to exchange messages using communication protocols, such as Whisper)
  • Cockpit (It helps to make developing and debugging procedures for decentralized applications as simple as ever)
  • Managing chains (it can manage different chains, including testnets, livenets or private nets)

It also has a number of useful plug-ins, such as:

  • ‘embark.registerPipeline’ (helps with supporting es6, jsx, CoffeeScript, etc)
  • ‘embark.registerContractConfiguration’, ‘embark.addContractFile’ (helps with standard contracts)
  • ‘embark.registerContractConfiguration’, ‘embark.addContractFile’ (helps to make contracts available in all environments to work with other contracts or applications, such as Token or DAO)
  • embark.addFileToPipeline (helps to add libraries)
  • embark.registerClientWeb3Provider (helps to specify a web3 initialization for specific users)
  • embark.registerContractsGeneration (helps to create wrappers)
  • embark.registerConsoleCommand (helps to add console commands)
  • embark.registerCompiler (helps with supporting different contract languages, like Viper)

Embark use cases

Embark use cases

Embark can be used in a great range of cases with Ethereum, decentralized storages, decentralized communication and others. Some of these cases are:

  • Managing complex systems of interdependent smart contracts
  • Frequent redeployment of contracts and DApps after code amendments. It also keeps track of the deployed contracts and deploys them only when necessary
  • Storing and retrieving data and files via the EmbarkJS (a special javascript library, which helps in the development of applications)
SmartState: Web3 security easier than ever

About SmartState

Launched in 2019 and based in Dubai, SmartState is one of the leading DeFi security auditing firms. We conduct security tests and check the code core, smart contracts and blockchain for all types of errors, vulnerabilities and other issues.

Although SmartState gave a start to operations with smart contract auditing of DLT-projects, from the very beginning, we made our services surpass the classic purview of smart contract audit and security testing. We specialize in manual testing, so the SmartState’s tech team of white-hat security professionals measure up a project’s git and offer guidelines and recommendations for its further advancement. Security audit reports review the threats and vulnerabilities with which codebases may be exploited in the future, as the network achieves scalability and expands to accommodate more use cases and functionality.

Stay tuned and find more about us and what we provide on our:

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SmartState is an independent audit company for DLT projects. It performs smart contract audit and security reviews and provides reco for improvements.